Monday, January 13, 2014

Flowers in the Window in Winter

(I'm still unable to post a picture/photo on my Blog so I will continue to post the particular picture/photo that would have gone with a particular post on my Facebook page).

There was one particular room in my grandparents' farmhouse that blossomed in the winter-warming the season's shadows with color and a sense of season's to come. The room was one of the two front parlors with a window facing the sun-the window where geraniums blossomed one right after another-spreading shades of red against the white on the other side of the cold and frozen panes streaked in frost. There was something magical when looking out the window where the flowers spread their leaves of green. Next to the window was a bookcase full of books. It was the same room where my grandfather would sit in his chair and read Saturday Evening Posts and Zane Gray westerns.

I too have such a window in the winter where geraniums blossom all winter long-as the sun spreads those shades of red against the white on the other side of the frozen panes streaked in frost. I've added sun catchers to the window. I've sat other plants including a cactus near the geraniums; decorated the table where they all sit with little vases and other pretty things-looking extra pretty in the winter window.

Funny how something as simple as geraniums left an impression on me. But then so did my grandmother's peony bushes and poplar trees. I wonder what's impressing my little granddaughter as she plays about the geraniums sitting on the table near the bookcases full of books.


  1. Hard-to-say. But someday she'll write about her memories of grandma's house and the joy they bring in the remembering.