Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Let's Talk Christmas"

Growing up when Summer gave way to Fall meant it was time to say to the adults, "Let's talk Christmas" as we gathered around our grandmother's kitchen table. One aunt in particular loved to talk Christmas. Most of the time on those Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings she'd do all the talking-telling us of their Christmases in the old farmhouse. We'd hear about the oranges and nuts in their stockings; the meals prepared; the spirit of the Season shared.

With the Holidays less than 16 weeks away I'd like to talk Christmas by sharing a few odd little Christmas bits of trivia-fun to know-especially good for crossword puzzles! Here we go:
. In the poem, "The Night Before Christmas" Donder and Blitzen were originally named Dunder & Blixen.
. The Christmas window displays seen in the original movie, "Miracle on 34th Street", are on display at a bank in Milwaukee every December in the bank's lobby.

Have fun! Enjoy! More to come!