Tuesday, July 3, 2018

When a Baby Blanket becomes a Best Friend

Linus didn't invent being attached to a blanket. A little one becoming attached to a favorite baby blanket is nothing new. Whatever the reason why one particular blanket over another is the chosen blanket is anyone's guess. It could be the smell or feel of the blanket. It could be the color or a graphic sewn into the blanket. Whatever it is, the bond that forms between a child and his or her blanket is real. The bond is a close one. When everything else fails that blanket when given to a tired child will soothe that child more than a toy or a cookie or even a mother. That blanket is magic when magic is needed. And it can become a bargaining tool when the child is a little older and misbehaving.

Favorite blankets come in all sorts of colors. Some are finished in satin trim. Some have teddy bears or rainbows or puppy dogs and kitten graphics. Some are handsewn. My grandmother was in the process of making my youngest a baby blanket but she passed away before finishing it. I have it framed and on the wall. Something tells me it would have been a favorite blanket.

Most always when it comes to a favorite blanket, the favorite blanket is given a name by the child who loves that blanket beyond the moon and back. After all it is the blanket that comforts and soothes and lets the child know all will be okay; that lets the child know it is time to go to sleep. My oldest daughter had a favorite blanket when she was little. She called it Duckies because there were three yellow ducks sewn in the center of the soft, white blanket with satin trim. But Duckies wasn't the only favorite baby blanket in the family. Others have taken their place in our family story. Corny, DiDi, and Monkey Cookie will forever remain known as favorite baby blankets; coming to the rescue to soothe and most importantly to give and receive unconditional love. 

Any wonder the temporary loss of a favorite blanket sends a family in panic mode in search of that favorite blanket proving its worth in the family tree.