Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Amish Man Out In The Field

I was late-in a hurry to pick my son up at the Steps-2-Grow Greenhouse/Garden. As I was going around a curve in the road, coming towards me was an Amish man working a field with his team of horses. As he was about to take the curve on his 'road' which would have led him away from me, we shared a wave and a smile-something most of us do as we pass by our Amish neighbors.

Then I went looking for my camera. Grabbing hold of it, I pulled my car off the road and got out. Running through some weeds and gravel I waved to him again-this time pointing to my camera. Bringing the horses to a stop, he got up from his seat and smiled the biggest smile.
"Can I take a picture?" I asked.
"No. I do not want my picture taken," he replied walking towards me.
"Can I take a picture of your horses?"
"Where are you from?"
 I told him. Then I asked, "Where's your farm?"
He pointed. "The one with all the children!"
We both laughed-two strangers in so many ways laughing like old friends.
"How many children?"
"Ten. Do you have children?"
I told him yes and that I was on my way to pick up my son.
I explained about him being at the garden and greenhouse-and why. For some reason I felt comfortable telling the Amish man all about my son who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia as the bees buzzed over our heads and the horses used their tails as fly swatters.
"I've passed by the garden. It looks peaceful. That is good for him. It is a good place for him to be."
I was speechless.
"You can take a picture-of the horses."
So I did.
When we said goodbye a part of me wanted to stay and talk some more. That Amish man out in the field on a hot summer day got it. He understood about the garden and greenhouse and those involved in that program. I could tell just by looking in his eyes. I must say it was rather refreshing.