Friday, January 31, 2014

Veronica and Betty-Comic Book Idols

Although they were just Archie comic book characters, Veronica and Betty were so much more to me-especially when playing with my cousins in an old chicken coop converted into a clubhouse. I don't remember how often we'd get a new comic book or where we even bought them-but when they did show up-we devoured every page featuring those two high school girls who were best friends yet rivals for the affection of Archie.
I'd find myself going back and forth as to which one was my favorite. Both were 'beautiful.' Veronica had the darker hair. She was spoiled. Her family was rich. Betty was a bubbly blonde-a sweet, lovable sort of girl. Of course I never took into consideration that by the magic of someone's illustrating abilities, they were quite developed for young teens. Actually they were too developed. They were more like Barbie dolls. Their hair was always the latest style and their makeup flawless. I'd imagine myself in some of their outfits. They were fashion icons wherever the storyline took them-in a classroom, on a beach-it never mattered. They were perfect-looking.
I could never figure out what they saw in Archie or why Veronica would get so jealous of Betty. She did whatever she could to ruin whatever seemed important to Betty-especially if Betty was the object of Archie's attention. She'd even go out with Archie's best friend Reggie. In the end it didn't matter. I preferred looking at what they were wearing. I noticed each and every accessory.
I guess you could say they were like teen idols. You have to remember we weren't connected to instant communication twenty-four hours a day. Comic books were entertaining-like Entertainment Tonight-or something!

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