Monday, November 11, 2013

When the Wish Book Arrived

When growing up out in the country, Christmas came in the mail and I don't mean email. It was wrapped inside a protective cover but we knew it was the much anticipated Sears Wish Book. The pages upon pages full of toys were looked at and marked up and dreamt about. By the time Christmas finally arrived the catalog would be without a cover; pages would be worn-some ripped apart. That magic catalog was like having Santa's Workshop right in our home.

I was intrigued by all the cowboys and their horses and the stagecoaches. I'm sure that was due to some famous cowboys at the time-Lash LaRue, Hopalong Cassidy, and Roy Rogers to name a few. One year Santa brought my brother a Hopalong Cassidy radio. I was just as excited as he was.
5 p.m. every night we'd listen to it while sprawled out on the living room floor.

One toy my brother always circled was a toy cork gun. And for a few years, it would be under the tree Christmas morning. There were crows included that he'd sit up on a steel rod thing. Then he'd stand back-and see how many he could shoot off the rod. Sometimes he'd let me try. It was always fun until I shot more than he did-then the game was over.

I loved all the dolls-especially Bonnie Braids. I loved the doll beds and bunk beds-the cradles and doll clothes and all the accessories. I always wanted a tin-like typewriter and a pony that you could sit on-put your feet in the stirrups-then bounce up and down and it would move. At least they said it would move! And most every year I thought I'd like a bright red gas pump. It said it had a bell that would ring while you pumped your gas but I never knew if it did or didn't because Santa never brought me one. He never brought me that pony that bounced or that tin-like typewriter. But I never really missed those toys. He always surprised me with what he thought I might like even more-and he was always right! Santa Claus was a pretty smart guy-still is!


  1. How this post touched my heart. The Sears Christmas Book...when I think of all the lists I made and how hard it was to decide which doll. I had a Bonnie Braids also. Your blog is wonderful! I have lots more to read, but have enjoyed every post so far. Thank you!

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying your blog as well. I think one country girl has met another country girl!