Friday, November 15, 2013

In Envy of a Pony Tail

There was a girl in my high school homeroom who had a pony tail to die for. She really did! While she wasn't as perky as Olivia Newton-John-she was a cheerleader. Combine that with a pony tail and you're talking one popular girl. Sometimes instead of doing my algebra homework-which was the most dreaded of all homework-I'd watch how her pony tail would swing when she turned her head. It was astonishing to me how it flowed in symphony with her movement. I figured she must have practiced in front of a mirror to have it groove like that. You see, my hairstyle at that time was the beehive-teased and sprayed so heavily that a Grade-5 Hurricane couldn't have disturbed it. Adding to my fixation of her hair was how that pony tail seemed to curl down from her head like a perfect ringlet. I was convinced she must have used Spoolies.

As if that pony tail hairdo wasn't enough sometimes she'd wear her hair down. That amazed me all the more because that hair of hers curled up at the ends like a tunnel all the way around. It was quite the sight! She looked like some of the girls on Bandstand-the ones everyone knew by their first names-the ones who'd dance with the cutest boys and wear the coolest outfits and sit next to Dick Clark when the camera was on.

Pony tails are timeless. From My Favorite Genie to Lady GaGa-pony tails continue to show up on the big screen-TV screens and now on little screens we can hold in our hands. I'm sure cheerleaders still wear them-but they probably don't use Spoolies.


  1. Again, this could be my post...if only I could write like you! I love you what you say and how you say it. I have always wanted a ponytail, but my head looks like a pea with my hair pulled back. :) And, how do girls get the ponytail to star right there on the back of their head? My ponytail would always slid. Your posts are great!

  2. I have no clue how anyone gets the perfect pony tail-but that girl did just about every day! Glad you enjoyed the post!