Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I bet it was a Sunday afternoon

I wish this old photo showed more of what was going on-showed more of who was there-maybe even showed my grandparents' farmhouse with its screened-in front porch because I know that's where this photo was taken. Underneath all that snow is the cinder driveway that led around to the back of that house down to the shallow rock. Shown is one poplar tree. There were more poplar trees lining that driveway back then. I loved when the wind moved the leaves. It was magical. I didn't love the thunder and lightning storm that cracked one of those trees in half on a summer evening when I huddled around my grandmother with my cousins on that screened-in front porch.

Standing in the forefront is my father. What's surprising to me is not the cigarette in his mouth because they all smoked back then. What's surprising is the fact he is out there in the first place appearing to be enjoying himself. And he's not wearing a tie. In fact, he seems to be wearing a leisure sort of shirt-leisure pants, boots, and coat. The hat seems to be a bit out of place. It reminds me of the father I remember. He most always wore a tie and a hat with a feather. Being a funeral director, he was always on call.

I love seeing the adults playing out in the snow. I bet it was a Sunday afternoon. Back then, families gathered on Sundays. Back then kids played outside as well. But you have to remember, back then there weren't electronic devices to grab their attention and keep it. I'm certain my grandmother was in her kitchen cooking one of her delicious home-cooked meals. And when they all gathered, I'm certain they stayed around the dining room table and talked-and talked.


  1. Oh Barbara, I still love to read your stories. Most of what you write about reminds me of my family and my childhood. My Daddy always wore a hat like the one your dad is wearing, and daddy always wore a suit...I remember him coming home from fishing with his tie off but still in his suit and hat.

    I also love your story of the green velvet dress. What a jerk that guy was. Aren't you happy he did not come back! :)

  2. Can't believe your father went fishing wearing a suit! What a lovely memory! And Yes-I am so glad I never saw that guy again! Happy you enjoyed my story!