Sunday, September 21, 2014

Me, My Friend Elaine, and Chubby Checker

     Years ago Chubby Checker was part of the entertainment lineup for an annual July event held in my hometown. For those of us of a certain age that was monumental. Most of us bought his 45s. Most everyone could do the Twist-not as good as Chubby Checker but it didn't matter. Way back when there were two high schools in our community. The one now torn down used to hold great school dances and the Twist would get everyone on the dance floor. We'd twist the night away!
I worked on the committee organizing that July event along with my friend, Elaine. We were more than excited when that night rolled around. Because my friend was beyond organized whatever the occasion, we were the first ones at the hall where Chubby would be performing. And because of her, we were the first ones to spot his bus. How exciting! We were going to meet Chubby Checker. And we did! Because of Elaine, we were the first ones he and his entourage met. Beyond exciting!
Chubby was a huge presence. Very tall with large hands and a big smile. We showed him where he'd be performing and the side room where he'd be waiting off stage. An area band would be accompanying him so they took some time talking things over.
People started trickling in. Elaine and I were all over the place until one of Chubby's people found us. They were in trouble. Chubby's one-piece stretch outfit with tons of sparkling bangles had ripped wide open in the back. They didn't have another one on the bus! The Show would soon begin.
Elaine sprang in to action. She hopped in her car and seconds later she was back with a sewing kit.
Chubby stripped down and sat beside us with a blanket around him while Elaine stitched his stretch onesie.She was good. She was fast despite the three of us laughing so hard-so very hard! After Chubby had his mended outfit back on, Elaine had him turn around a few times-bend over a few times just to make sure the stitches would hold. They had to. The King of The Twist was in the house about to let it rip. Pardon the pun!
The show was amazing. We danced and laughed and twisted all night long. That spangled outfit held its own thanks to my friend Elaine. Before leaving, Chubby thanked her again. I can still hear the reply, "Oh Chubby!" I laugh whenever I think about our sitting around with Chubby Checker. I'm sure Elaine does too!

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