Saturday, June 14, 2014

Off to College in a Hearse!

Sometimes having a father as a funeral director led to some unforgettable memories!
Most people knew my father as a funeral director-a caring man who took great pride servicing families in their time of sorrow. I love this picture of my father because it's about the only picture I have where he is not wearing a tie. He's kidding around, enjoying some down time-showing his sense of humor. Growing up around a funeral home offered a unique awareness of the frailty of life-and some unforgettable moments-some quite hilarious-like the time I went off to college in the hearse and never thought a thing about it. When it was time to go to that community college, my father just happened to be going that way to pick up a remains to bring back home. So we loaded up the back of the hearse with all of my stuff and off we went. The school didn't have dorms on campus so I was renting an apartment with four other girls I'd never met.(This was way before facebook)! Adding to the plot was my hair. At that time The Munsters was the #1 show on TV. The vehicle used in the show resembled a hearse. Lily Munster had hair down to her waist with a strip of white down each side in the front. Well I had hair down to my waist just like Lily's but my strip wasn't white-it was a blondish shade. So not only did I arrive in a hearse-I looked like Lily Munster! At first, my landlord thought the hearse was a joke. My roommates loved it. After we unloaded everything, my father and I jumped back inside the hearse and went to dinner-parking right in front of a spaghetti place nearby!

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