Monday, February 3, 2014

Making Her Puppy a Cookie Dough House

There's something about licking beaters covered in cake batter. Growing up my cousin and I would mix the ingredients of a Jiffy cake mix. Then we'd not only lick the beaters-we'd eat the cake mix as well. Not once did we get sick. I've thought of those times when making cupcakes these days with a certain little 3-year old. If she had her way she'd do more than lick the beaters. 
It's different when you're the adult doing the baking. You get the job done-clean up-and that's that. But it's amazing when you are the grandparent doing the baking and you have a little helper by your side. Cookies-cakes-cupcakes-they all take on a different meaning. Suddenly flour becomes snow and sprinkles fall like rain. Perfection in rolling out the sugar cookie dough or frosting the cookies goes out the window. Imagination takes over. Forget the flawless cut-out cookies. After awhile-forget the cookie cutters. Anyone can cut out a horse-a heart-a gingerbread boy. But not many would think to make a snowman by rolling little balls of dough in one's hands and then stacking them one on top of another-and then putting the dough snowman on a cookie sheet to bake. That's what my little helper did. It took her quite a few tries as the balls of dough rolled around the counter. And of course her dough snowman had to have a family baking right beside him so that meant more balls of dough rolling around the counter and some falling to the floor. It was heartbreaking to see her reaction when the snowman and his family were finished baking!
And again-not everyone would think to take a big blob of sugar cookie dough and instead of using the rolling pin, slam it down with one's hands and announce it was a house for a favorite little toy puppy. Yes-she did that too.
"How will your puppy get inside his house?" I asked.
Taking another blob-this one not as big-and slamming it down on top of the first blob, she replied,
"This is the door Gra-Gra!"
Then other blobs became windows and different-sized blobs became friends for the puppy.
After some dough handprints and dough imprints from her butterfly/flower plastic bracelet were created and baked-it was time for the frosting and sprinkles-and I mean sprinkles. That was followed by some taste-testing. By the time we got back to her house a few of those puppy friends had been devoured. We both decided they were rather tasty!

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