Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Happy Christmas Birthday

Because my brother's birthday was just before Christmas my mother would always make him a cake in the shape of a Christmas tree. Actually she would make all of our birthday cakes in the shape of a Christmas tree because we all loved her Christmas tree cakes. They were double tiered with homemade frosting. I remember thinking how lucky he was to have his birthday in December and close to Christmas.

Our family celebrates many December birthdays-some at the beginning of the month and two the day after Christmas. Over the years I've found having a child with a December 26th birthday to be a real challenge. Just to separate the two events is near impossible since the house is a mass of opened gifts-some still in boxes under the tree and some still looking for a place to be put and Santas and reindeer and twinkling lights and ornaments all over the place. Everyone is exhausted from the day before and the thought of having to go to a store for something forgotten for the birthday celebration is met with hesitation or that something is substituted with something left over from Christmas. There were years when birthday gifts were wrapped in Santa paper; times when a few birthday gifts were meant to be given for Christmas. And more often than not, whatever we did it always seemed the two holidays meshed into a two-day event of Christmas trees and snowmen with balloons and blowing out candles and everyone talking about the day before while singing Happy Birthday.

But I've come to realize-after years of celebrating Merry Happy Christmas Birthdays-those birthdays are very special despite the meshing with Santa and reindeer and twinkling lights and ornaments. They come at the most joyous time of the year. They fall in the month of celebrating-so blow out the candles and enjoy the cake-no matter the shape!


  1. Both of my brothers had December birthdays. The 6th and 29th. Those dates are aren't so bad though. The 26th would be a little tiring. I enjoyed your post, as usual. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed! And Yes-the 26th has been a challenge-