Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sitting on a Fence in a Cardigan Sweater

There are some things that really don't change-like the love of a cardigan sweater that spans generations. I don't know when this picture was taken showing some of my aunts in their cardigans but I wear similar cardigans today. A cardigan is timeless-versatile-always adds the perfect touch.There's just something about them. They become old friends-always there for us-always making us feel warm-making us feel like all will be okay.

Although some cardigans come with buttons, hooks, or zippers, the style of the sweater remains the same despite the use of a variety of fabrics. I still remember a cashmere cardigan my mother wore when dressing up-quite possibly the softest sweater I've ever felt. With small silver buttons up the front, I thought my mother looked like a fairy princess every time she wore it to go some place special with my father. When she wasn't wearing her cashmere sweater, my mother kept it in a dresser drawer wrapped in tissue paper.

I remember a certain aunt who would spend a day caring for her cardigans-washing them in woolite-blocking them out on a towel to dry. Thicker ones would be stored away for colder months-some in mothballs. I remember another aunt who would button her cardigan up the front and then wear pearls to top off the look. She always seemed dressed up to me. A cardigan fits any need-any mood. Like my aunt did, you can dress your cardigan up or as shown in the picture above you can wear a cardigan on down time over a shirt. I remember when in high school, we'd wear them backside front and sometimes top them off with a small Peter Pan collar that buttoned in the front.

In this age of so much changing and so many of us moving so fast it is nice to know there's quite possibly a cardigan in a drawer waiting to wrap us up and give us comfort and that is why a cardigan sweater remains a staple no matter how much fashions come and go. I'm not sure about those saddle shoes my aunts are wearing. But then, the three of them sure look quite fashionable sitting on a fence in their cardigan sweaters in the countryside.


  1. Saddle shoes were so popular in the fifties. Not sure if I would want that fashion to "come back around"? Your post always bring back forgotten memories. Have a great day :)