Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Tulip Stealer in the Tulip Patch

Right outside the kitchen door of my grandparent's farmhouse there used to be a tulip patch. I don't remember it growing up. I've only heard the stories-especially the ones concerning my older brother who was the first grandchild and who loved that tulip patch. Despite being told not to pick those beautiful, happy flowers he couldn't resist them and neither could anyone resist taking a tulip when he offered one. Dressed in his little short and sweater outfit with that little cap on his head and with his red hair and freckles, he won the adults over every time.

The backdrop in this photo offers another glimpse of my grandfather's barn and opposite that-the granary. Although it's just a partial glimpse of the barn it instills the comforting feeling of the family farm and how family would gather and enjoy the simple things-like a tulip patch complete with a tulip stealer. Before heading up the small incline to those buildings there was a wide area of flat rock which provided yet another source of fun for us as we grew up. Once our imaginations took over, that flat rock turned into anything we wanted it to be. After a rainfall, the puddles left behind offered even more of an opportunity for play!

The barn, the granary, and the tulip patch are all gone now. That's why old, glossy photos are treasures to be savored and appreciated.They recorded a history in their own, unique way for after taking the photos you had to wait-and wait to see which ones developed. And when you finally got them back, the anticipation of opening up that envelope and seeing your photos was like Christmas morning. Anticipation is good. You appreciate all the more what you receive.

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