Sunday, February 24, 2013

Buttons and Bows

Over the years relatives would tell me how I used to love the song, "Buttons and Bows." Some would say whenever I heard that song, I would start dancing which probably meant I jumped up and down and all around. I'd also been told my love for the song led to my liking bows in my hair. I guess I had a whole collection of them and liked to change them several times during the day.When I came across this photo I considered it evidence to what I'd been told although looking at those bows I wonder why I had to have them so big!

Besides being evidence of my love of bows, this photo also shows me with an aunt who called me 'Button.' She never married but considered her nieces and nephews as her own. She was always there for each and every one of us. She never missed a birthday. She took us to church and shopping. We would sit around the kitchen table and listen to her stories of when she was a little girl, growing up with five sisters and living on the farm. We loved gathering with her for Sunday morning breakfast; loved sitting around 'talking Christmas' as that day was approaching. We'd beg her for hints as to what was wrapped inside a present. We'd shake them and make guesses. While she'd smile and say 'maybe' she kept us in suspense right through Christmas morning.

Her idea of a great time was, on occasion, going out for breakfast. She savored that second cup of coffee. She'd take extra packets of sugars and those little containers of jam and put them in her purse to be enjoyed back home. She wasn't a fancy chef like a few of her sisters but she mastered a great cole slaw.That aunt was also quite the athelete. As evidence in the photo, she took us swimming whenever she could. She'd get home from work at five; change and take us across the road and down to the river. She was a graceful swimmer. We'd watch as she tucked her long hair under her white cap; then stand on a rock and dive into the water. She also took us skiing. The best part about that was stopping for hot chocolate with saltine crackers. Sometimes it's the simple things we remember the most-and nicknames like, 'Button', that stay in our hearts long after the bows are gone.


  1. thats a beautiful memory of your Aunt. She seems amazing. You were very lucky! I had a similar Aunt as you described although she did marry and have 2 boys, she treated me as her own. I will never forget her.

  2. VERY lucky-sh was always there for all of us!