Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lunch boxes and Twinkies

There's nothing like baking cupcakes or cookies. It's even more fun to eat them or take them with you to school or the office or to someone having a tough day or a birthday or just to say hi. Back when I was a kid it was even more of a treat to have a Twinkie. My mother didn't buy them all the time so when she did, they didn't last very long.

Having a Twinkie in your lunch box at school afforded you added value with friends and anyone else sitting within view in the crowded and noisy cafeteria when you pulled that so familiar and so highly revered little package out in a way that you made sure everyone saw it. And although you wanted to rip it wide open and gobble the two golden spongy logs down like you did at home, you'd slow the process down to a crawl and act as if no one cared what you had in your hand when you knew it was just the opposite. Methodically you'd take a bite and as you chewed with a heavenly smile upon your face you'd look around as if no one was watching when actually you felt the eyes and heard their pain. If you happened to get a bit of that fluffy, creamy, whatever-it-was-made of filling on your face, you'd stop and take a break while you wiped away the stuff and then lick your fingers-again very slowly as the clock ticked and the natives were getting more envious with each lick and bite. This prolonged torture lasted until the last bite was taken and the last chew enjoyed. Friends held on to the bitter end, each hoping they would become your very best friend and you'd share the pleasure. But you never did. You'd smack your lips, put the wrappings back in your lunch box and get ready to go, strutting out of the cafeteria like a peacock after a fine meal.

This was all well and good in cafeteria land-until it was someone else pulling Twinkies out of their lunch box. Surely you thought, as you stared in envy, this person would share a Twinkie with you. After all, you were their very best friend. Just because you didn't know this person's last name or where they lived, for the moment you declared yourself a best friend. How could they just sit there and eat both of the Twinkies with a smirk on their face and that to-die-for filling on their cheeks and around their mouths?

Thank you Twinkies everywhere for the memories. I never cared about calories or articicial this and that. Bottom line, you always tasted so good. You were just the right size for a little sweet treat and satisfied like no other little sweet treat. What you gave us every time was pure delight-and status in the cafeteria!


  1. Loved your post, Twinkies are the best. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Sheila! Twinkies certainly are the very best!