Saturday, October 13, 2012

Funtime Little Poems

When growing up in the country and playing in the abandoned chicken coop turned into our Girls' Clubhouse which later included one male cousin, we had a Girls' Club Pledge-vowing to be faithful, fair, good, kind, and considerate. I wonder if we realized what all those words really meant. But that didn't mattter. Our pledge was part of our play as was the reciting of a fun little poem which I still recite in my head because whenever we'd recite it-it made us laugh. It now makes me smile. I think my favorite cousin wrote it. She was quite clever and it went like this: "Bees make honey-They make it so funny-You'd think they'd say it's a funny day-But it's not-It's not even Hot-That's what they'd say!" 
I love little poems like that little poem. And over the years I've loved writing them whenever the mood hits. Writing such riddles and rhymes gets me back to those days when our biggest worries were whether of not we'd be called home to eat or even worse-called home to do some chores around the house. Reading little ridiculous lines of rhyme can be fun. It loosens you up. Lightens your load. Makes you smile and appreciate the moment. There lies within our hearts a little child and with that in mind I would like to share with you a few of the many little tongue-twisting, giggly, wiggly lines of rhyme I have written when that mood hits-and when it hits I've learned to grab a pencil before the thought wanders off. Some follow certain rules for certain poetic forms. Some just stand on their own! I hope you enjoy!
If you opened pods, took out the peas
Grabbed an ear of corn, pulled off its sleeves,
Then put peas in the ear-
Corn in green pods so near,
You'd mess up the farmer-and the bees!
"Let's go fishing," said the big, fat Fish.
"Perfect," thought Cat, while making a wish.
Watching Fish grab a worm-
Cat pounced and made Fish squirm.
Cat went fishing for a Fish-de-lish!
Like knotted ropes spreading from the soil,
Some smooth, some picky-
Pulling them is very tricky,
For they wrap like serpents in a coil-
Clearing them out is a hard day's toil.
Bunny fluffy and so cute,
Hops all about in his cuddly suit-
Going here and going there,
Eating carrots in the summer air.
Rib bit!
So many sounds-
Before eggs hatch.
And one more........
Wet drops falling from above,
Giving the garden lots of love.
But if the rain keeps falling down-
It will saturate the ground-
Turning beans into boats-
And off they'll float!
(Hope you had a laugh or two-for that's what silly poems can do!)

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