Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm standing sideways in this picture attempting to feed a cow. I don't remember anyone taking the photo. That's probably because I never liked cows and I am sure I was a little nervous being so close to them. It doesn't make sense to me that I didn't like them because when you're growing up in the country cows go with the territory.

I don't remember much about my grandfather's cows. Whenenver we played in the barn it was void of cows or chickens or horses which was ok with us. It gave us the whole barn to play in and that included the large area full of stanchions where the cows were kept when inside. We loved playing in there. We turned stanchions into swings-trying not to land in the cowpies hidden under the hay.

For awhile my brother had a few black angus which he kept in the barn. I can't remember where he went but he was away for a good week. He asked me to take care of them. So I did. Every morning before I went to school I'd go to the barn and do my chores. When the school bus brought me back home in the afternoon I'd run inside, get changed, and go to the barn. For some reason the cows didn't bother me that week. Thinking about it, I'm sure I didn't want to let my older brother down. Besides that he was paying me!

There was one particular time many years later when cows did more than bother me. I'd gone for a walk with a few friends down into the woods across the road from the barn. I brought my little brother with me. The fields around the woods were home to cows grazing. When we reached a cleared area which had once been a summer camp for area youth we decided to look around unaware the fence keeping the cows away was down. We were so intrigued with what we were doing that we didn't notice the cows slowly coming closer and closer. When we did something made us run-and run fast into one of the two abandonded buildings. Turned out it was a good thing. Those lazy, grass-chewing, overweight animals were right on our heels. The cows were chasing us! They were coming towards us full speed as if they were in the Olympics! We slammed the door and just in time because they were now bunting and ramming the sides of that old building. They circled the place and wanted in while we were huddled together shaking!

Well they never got us! They went back to chewing their cuds and we went sprinting back home! To this day-I do not like cows!

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  1. Oh my, cows are not my 'thing' either. Glad you managed to escape the marauding cattle!