Saturday, May 5, 2012

I've Always Thought The Moon was Super!

As I write this I can look out the window and see the moon. We've been told this will be a "Super Moon" tonight-bigger and brighter and closer to Earth than the usual moon outside windows everywhere. While this moon this night is bigger and brighter and closer I have to say-I've always thought the moon was Super! Years back when my cousin and I went down to the creek and skated on winter evenings we were able to do so because of the moon. It was so big and so bright and so close to Earth that we felt we could almost touch it as we laid on top of the ice and talked and dreamed. Whenever we'd play hide 'n seek on summer nights the moon tagged along. On Halloween it was the moon setting the stage to many a scary Eve-creating shadows that most certainly had to be monsters and witches and goblins. If we'd gather on the screened-in veranda of our grandparents' farmhouse the moon was always there as my grandmother rocked in her rocking chair and we sat and listened to her family stories. The moon is for lovers and friends and dreamers. Its had songs written about it and dedicated to it. It offers hope. It fills us with wonder. It creates curiosity. It sheds light where there is darkness in more ways than the obvious. It connects generations with memories-like those shared on a veranda of long ago. While that farmhouse has been sold and that veranda torn down, the moon keeps guiding us along-and that, is Super!

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  1. Also loved skating by the moonlight. We would build a fire and drink hot chocolate.