Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blooming May

The farm across the road from where we lived in the country when growing up was a fun place to visit in May. Being pretty young I was clueless as to why or how but that farm had a May Pole and whenever we went over there this particular month we got to run and dance and skip and sing around it, over and over and over. It was just one tall pole with ribbons fanning down from the top. Somehow it would go around and around as we held on to a ribbon and went around and around. I just remember it was so much fun although it did look a bit out of place next to an old barn and fields of cows nearby. I loved May out in the country. There were so many wildflowers. Fields and pastures were painted in shades of purple and yellow and violet. There were adorable little forget-me-nots, trilliums, clovers, dog-tooth violets, astonishing lilacs, and so many more. Of all the beautiful wildflowers my favorites were lilies of the valley. Lilies of the valley amazed me. So dainty, their bell-shape was always so perfectly intricate. Though small in size their sweet aroma sifted about the trees and hedges; over creek beds and out across the fences and pines. Although not a wildflower, we loved dandelions. We'd pick a bunch of them-pop the tops off and make bracelets and necklaces out of their stems. I seem to remember my grandparents had another use for dandelions. My cousin and I were in our glory when May was in bloom. We'd constantly be picking bouquets. Some we took home. Some we took to our chicken coop clubhouse. Every home deserves a blooming bouquet-even an old chicken coop, sitting in a field surrounded by May's spectacular palette. And when it came to Mother's Day we didn't have to go anywhere but out the door to gather flowers for our mothers and grandmother-truly Priceless especially when given in an old mayonnaise jar!

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