Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blowing Bubbles!

I've never know a child who doesn't like blowing bubbles or chasing bubbles or watching bubbles drift away. With all the super-duper, high-powered bubble-producing toys now on the market with huge containers of all sorts of bubble solutions, it's easy to blow multi-layered bubbles that amaze even adults. Suddenly the adult is a little kid again-fascinated with all the bubbles swirling and twirling and disappearing in mid-air. They have as much fun as the children around them following those huge, moving masses of bubbles to see how far the wind will take them.

I remember watching bubbles float through the air when playing outside in the country and we didn't have all those fancy plastic contraptions-just little plastic bottles full of sticky bubble solution with small plastic wands inside. We'd cheer the bubbles on as they some how missed hitting bushes and fences; catching little whirlwinds, they'd forge on against the odds. We'd be amazed by their journey no matter how short lived it may have been although it never seemed short lived to us. When inevitably a bubble popped by hitting a tree branch or blade of grass or simply popping into extinction in the open sky out of sheer exhaustion probably-it had to be, we'd feel as if we'd lost a good friend-until another one came floating our way.

If and when we ran out of the guck we'd hurry back inside, fill our containers with dish detergent and water, shake them up, and run back outside to blow more bubbles.

Blowing bubbles is sheer, innocent fun. One size fits all. No batteries required. No confusing directions to follow. Blowing bubbles makes you laugh and run and imagine-all good things for kids of all ages!

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