Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snowy Country Christmases

Growing up out in the country mounds of snow were as much a part of Christmas as the presents. We never doubted if we'd have snow for Christmas. The question was how much of it would there be.

Those wintery Christmas landscapes were strikingly beautiful day and night. Down in the pine grove, trees with thick, white branches looked like Christmas snow angels; fields and pastures stretching forever appeared tucked under the same blanket. In the evenings when skating on the creek-with the silver stars and dancing moon-sparkling diamonds lit the landscape as my cousin and I would talk Christmas lying atop the ice- wondering who got us what, trying to keep secrets, and fearing it would never arrive!

Looking back we lived and played and waited anxiously for Santa Claus in a Currier & Ives Christmas scene-all part of the splendor of a snowy country Christmas.

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  1. For me, there were times when I thought there wouldn't be snow. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and sometimes the snow didn't come until Christmas Eve. The city was always decorated so beautifully, and it became even more magical when it snowed. I remember one Christmas Eve sitting by the living room window, waiting, waiting, waiting; I finally fell asleep there. My mom must have carried me to bed, in the morning, there was the magic again, snow everywhere. I did love my time in Buffalo.