Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just A Kitchen Table

In my previous blog I posted a photo of my grandfather's old barn which played a keyrole in "The Reindeer Keeper." Now I'd like to share another one I found Thanksgiving night when going through old photo albums with my brother. It shows the kitchen table I've talked about several times-the one we'd all gather around as a family at my grandparents. This old table has heard many a great arguement; kept many Christmas secrets; and withstood generations.

I was fortunate to have been given this table by my aunt when she passed away. To say I treasure this heirloom doesn't begin to describe how happy I am to have this table in my home. Tonight my 18-month old granddaughter came for an overnight. As she climbed up onto one of the chairs shown in the picture; then stopped to play with the little ring on the wire near my grandmother in that very picture-before climbing on top of the table and sitting proudly where meals of so many before her had been served-I thought about those who'd sat around this table-especially my grandmother shown here in in her "housecoat" enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning.

I am certain my grandmother never thought that one day her great-great granddaughter would be sitting smack dab in the middle of where she was quietly spending time. It's sad to think my granddaughter will never know my grandmother. But that's where old photo albums and stories repeated will link their generations. I know they would have had fun together. I know they would have shared conversations around that table for, after all, that's a family tradition.

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