Monday, December 19, 2011

"Christmas Cookie Fun"

I know I've written about our chicken coop clubhouse many times; telling you about all the fun my cousins and I had playing and pretending inside that old place. A favorite thing I liked to do was write little poems.
I still like to do that and I thought it might be fun to share one with you-especially since it's a Christmas poem.

This is for all the Christmas Bakers and Cookie Cutters and Gingerbread Men Makers: CHRISTMAS COOKIE FUN

It's Christmas 'round the kitchen;
We're making cookies by the dozen.
We cut them from the spongy dough;
then put them in the oven-
to bake up warm and tasty;
they're such delicious treats-
We have so many recipes-
some with oats and some with whole-grain wheat-
or little chocolate morsels; topped with a brush of honey;
Some turn out square or very round;
Some look like elves so funny;
or snowmen standing with their brooms or Santa in his sleigh-
Mommy calls me her little helper as we pick up from our day.

She brushes flour off my nose and wipes the table clean.
We laugh and giggle merrily while we scrub our messy scene.

Yes! It's Christmas 'round the kitchen; we're baking Christmas cheer-
We wish this was a recipe that would last throughout the year!

Happy Christmas Baking and Nibbling Everyone!

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