Saturday, November 5, 2011

For the love of Tuna Fish

I can remember going to my grandmother's and eating tuna fish sandwiches. She'd cut up celery into little bits and with a dash of pepper, add the bits to the fish and mix it all together with mayonnaise-never a substitute. Then she'd open a jar of pickles and put them on the table. If she'd run out of her own slippery pickles-the best pickles in the world-she'd serve dill pickles bought at the A & P or Loblaws. To me, pickles and tuna fish were made for each other-like peanut butter and jelly-ice cream and cake.

My mother made a great tuna casserole. Served piping hot with bread, the creamy mixture complete with peas and sliced hard-boiled eggs was the perfect meal on a winter's night. It was also good the next day-cold, for lunch.

Still to this day my love affair with tuna fish continues most every single day either for lunch or dinner-or both! I don't know what it is about that can of flaky fish. It's not just a habit because more often than not I crave my tuna. The worst example of this craving came when I was quite pregnant and in the grocery store. I realize now that I should have eaten before going there but I didn't think I'd be that long. But since it wasn't busy I bought more than I'd planned. Suddenly, waddling down the frozen food aisle that tuna craving hit so hard that I hurried to the front of the store and told a teller with a long line that I'd be right back. I parked my cart by the front desk and rushed as much as I could out the front door.

Thinking back and remembering the looks on faces, I bet they thought I was in labor. In a way,I was-

a labor of love started long ago by a grandmother who cut celery up into little bits and with a dash of pepper, added the bits to tuna fish and made sandwiches served with pickles on the side.

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