Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Coleslaw in the Yellow Bowl

My one particular aunt who lived with my grandparents really never cooked. Besides oatmeal and chipped beef on toast, she stayed out of the kitchen. She really didn't have to cook when my grandmother was alive for nothing could beat what this woman of French-Canadian descent created with ease; mixing and stirring without a recipe; using a pinch of that and a dash of whatever else she felt was needed. My grandmother mastered the art of cooking long be

fore TV chefs made their way into our homes.

But once on her own, my aunt did master a few recipes including her great version of coleslaw. It became a family favorite. It was always requested for family gatherings including Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if my grandmother gave her some secret tips for making coleslaw but whatever my aunt's secrets, her version of this basic salad was carried out to perfection every single time she made it.

On Thanksgiving Day her yellow bowl with that salad was a sought after item. It always blended in perfectly with the rest of the amazing feast served around a table of cousins and aunts and uncles-all talking at once and all thankful to be together as that yellow bowl made its way around the table again and again until it was empty.

Family traditions come wrapped in many packages. This particular tradition came in a yellow bowl created by a reknowned chef-at least reknowned in her family and missed this day when yellow bowls and serving platters and pie plates are full and appreciated by loved ones gathered once again in Thanksgiving.

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