Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adventure at the Bubble

The statistics are amazing! In 2008 Americans bought 34 billion liters of bottled water. Everywhere you go you see people carrying those plastic bottles. Water has become a zillion dollar business!

One of the most favorite things my cousins and I did when growing up in the country was to go down to the flat rocks which spread out between our grandparents' farmhouse and their barn. One by one we'd lay on the rock; clear away the green, stringy moss and drink the fresh, spring bubble of water shooting up and out from between the rocks. That water remains the coldest, the most refreshing

water I've ever drank even in the smothering heat of the summertime. And every time we'd have our fill there were no plastic bottles to redeem. Sometimes simple is best-and more fun!

I admit I do drink the bottled stuff these days but despite all their hype not one of those brands could ever satisfy like that natural bubble-sprouting its way up to the surface for little kids to get on their knees and enjoy. Sometimes we'd get more of that water up our noses than in our mouths but that was part of the adventure at the bubble. And if we became impatient waiting for our turn we'd run to the pumphouse and with a few quick jerks of the pump's handle we'd cup our hands and gather as much of that well water as we could.

There were no soft drinks to drink on the farm. That was fine because you don't miss what you've never had. Water was the beverage of choice-even without realizing the benefits. It just tasted really good!

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