Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Nicknames

I know every family has those unique, in-family nicknames given to one another over the years. Most of the time just family members are aware of them and when you get together years later, those nicknames seem to slip right out. While people obviously mature and grow out of a strange, cute, or scarcastic name attached to them when they were younger, awkward situations can arise when a potentially new member to the family is introduced. That's when th
e fun begins for family insiders!

Our family certainly has had its share of nicknames. The most "famous" of them all continues to be the nickname "Giddy" given to my grandmother by my brother. He was the first grandchild and was unable to say grandmother. It came out Giddy and that stuck like glue to the most amazingly strong and beautiful-in-spirit woman I've ever known. Fact was she was called "Giddy" by most everyone who knew her.

Other nicknames that have sprung up over the years-and I will not connect any of them to anyone in particular for fear of being chastised are: Whell, Sparkle, Mooonbeams, Mooo, Butt Bows, Bart Lib, Fred, Freddie, Hound Dog, Houndie, Hound, Nookie, Pin, Cures, JoeMeDough, Bif, Doo, Dooweenahogboat, Porky, Tubby, Pree, OoooWaaa, Gwim, BiBe, Barns, Bud, Boone, Crow, Deacon, Buzzy, Den, Fuffy, Fluffy, Trish, Beauty, Beauties, Moop, Chief, Nu-Nu, DateMan, Sport, Guy, and probably more that I'll hear about from those inside-the-know once I post this.

Bottom line, family is family. We can pick and moan and groan and rail against one another within the confines of the family unit but it's family we call on when in need; it's family we gather with for holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals. While we are all unique, we share a heritage-which includes all those cute, scarcastic, funky, strange nicknames


  1. Hello Barbara - I found you via our Linked In group and thought I'd drop by and say hello. The colorful side of our family had nicknames; not so much with the other side which was, well, dull. Snarly Sally is delightful! I dropped by her website too. So glad to meet you. You're welcome to drop by my blog any time you're in the neighborhood.
    Warmly -
    DK Raymer

  2. Hi Barbara! Hope you are well! I love this post, it's very well written and so true. I have many nicknames: Susieboozie, Schmoozie, Susieyakammozie,Scoobiehoe,Ma, Old Lady, Girl, Babe, Baby, Mrs. Grumpy, and of course...Susie Q. Currently, my favorite nickname for my husband is Old Man, but OCD Boy is a real good one too and he spends way too much time on details! Well, I just wanted to take a peek to see what you've been up to! I look forward to reading your book. Hope you are enjoying Wherever The Wind Will Blow It. Kind Regards, Susie Rosso Wolf