Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May's Approaching-Isn't it?

It doesn't feel like May yet. Where I live we're still getting sprinkles of snow now and then but the anticipation for wildflowers smiling about the fields and a warm breeze and garden planting is the same as when May was approaching out in the country when I was a kid. May's like a gift; a reward for getting through the winter-a pleasant sort of a month before the humid side of June swallows the landscape up in a smothering blanket especially when working in the hayloft during haying season. When that happened, I'd always wish it was winter again. Guess we're never happy with the weather-sort of like our hair. Sometimes all the weather is good for is conversation.

When you're young rooms seem bigger; backyards seem to go forever-the wait for Christmas never-ending. That's how I felt when May was just about here; when one day would be freezing and the next day in the 50s. When would it happen? There never was a magic wand to wave and then-here you go-it's May! It sort of happened while we played. We were so busy playing we didn't notice the fields not so soggy or the stream running alongside the farmhouse slowing down or the need for an extra sweater not there anymore. One day-it was May. We knew the winter boots and heavy coats and mittens would be packed away but not too far away. You just never know about the weather!

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