Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting the Message Right on Valentine's Day

I remember when I was in grade school how my stomach would be tied in knots when trying to decide which valentine would go to which classmate. Those knots became even tighter when it came to choosing a valentine for a boy. It couldn't say too much. "Be My Valentine" was a no-no. "Be My Friend" was a bit nervy.

Making folders that would hold the valentines we'd be receiving from classmates was not quite so nerve racking. Rather, it was fun folding the construction paper; then very lightly drawing half-hearts on the fold. After cutting the shapes, we'd open the paper to discover perfectly shaped hearts. When everyone in the class was finished, our teacher would pass out fancy doilies. We'd take turns using some of the white sticky paste scooped out from a plastic gallon container sitting in the middle of her desk. Wiping some of the goo on the backs of our cut-out hearts we'd then stick them onto the doilies. I remember thinking they were breathtaking. When we were finished with the folders we'd make valentine cards for our parents.

Besides the school party with homemade sugar cookies shaped like hearts covered in red dye frosting and the red dye punch served in little paper cups, the best part of Valentine's Day was taking that folder full of valentines-each tucked inside a flimsy envelope-home to be studied over and over again. Who gave me what valentine? Which boy gave me which valentine with which message? Would any say, "Be My Valentine"? Would any ask me,"Be My Friend"? Sometimes-they did! That's right sometimes a boy asked those questions and when he did I'd study the valentine like a hawk-checked the artwork-the message-the signature. Did he sign it or did his mother? You see when it comes from the heart the signature has to be genuine-especially on Valentine's Day!

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