Sunday, October 3, 2010

The old farmhouse

Throughout "The Reindeer Keeper" I made reference to an old farmhouse which played an integral role in the setting of the story. Subconsciously when writing I was going back to my childhood; back to the old farmhouse which was home to my grandparents and their six daughters. There would have been a son-he would have been the oldest-but my grandmother fell while taking my grandfather water to drink. He was out in a backfield haying in the heavy heat of a June afternoon.

I can still smell the cookies and breads; donuts and full-course meals coming from my grandmother's woodstove which she directed like a conductor of an orchestra. The kitchen was enormous with wainscoating and a built-in hutch to die for. The floor in the dining room was slanted but we didn't care. One room led to another. Bookshelves held my grandfather's western novels. African violets hugged the windows especially when the sun drenched them in warmth no matter what the season. A pantry full of shelves made a great place to hide when playing with cousins.

There were five bedrooms with a "secret" tunnel connected two of them. At least that's what we thought back then. The lone bathroom was at the end of the upstairs hallway. You could walk straight through it to get to the backstairs.
The front veranda was marvelous. Screened in-it spread out along the length of the house and was a great place sit through thunderstorms.
My grandmother's peony bushes with their smiling faces were everywhere as were her lilacs and poplar trees.
So many memories stem from within that old farmhouse. Some made their way into the pages of "The Reindeer Keeper." More to come. And just a reminder, "The Reindeer Keeper" is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and will soon be available on Kindle.

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