Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sweater Dress Disaster

I had my favorite sweater dresses. The one that comes to mind had long sleeves. It was a heavier knit with a simple neckline and three brown buttons on the left shoulder. The dress was an oatmeal color. It came above the knee; perfect for my over-the-knee boots my older brother gave me for  Christmas. one year

I can remember the first time I wore the oatmeal sweater dress. It was late August. I’d gone back to college a little early to see a guy I hadn’t seen all summer. He had a blue Chevy Impala that he was anxious for me to see. I was anxious for him to see my oatmeal sweater dress. It didn’t take me long to get ready once the day arrived. I couldn’t wait to wear the dress. With my hair up in a ponytail and a fake braid wrapped around it and my over-the-knee boots on, I was ready to go. He was early. I guess he was anxious to show off his car which turned out to be brand new; quite appropriate for my dress.

It was good seeing my friend. But he surprised me by taking me to a carnival. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’d been so wrapped up in wearing that dress that I never bothered to check the weather. I ended up at a carnival in 90 degree weather in a heavy knit sweater dress with long sleeves; my hair sporting a fake ponytail and those over-the-knee boots. I was so hot (not the kind of hot I’d hoped for) that I went on rides just to cool down. But the more rides I went on the more my fake braid slid out of place. Of course the faster the ride, the more the braid slipped until I was on one ride and I had to grab it before it flew away. My favorite sweater dress ended up feeling like a thermal blanket and electric blanket combined. My heavy Cher-like eye make-up was melting down my cheeks. I looked like a raccoon dressed in a winter coat.

I could tell my friend was glad to get me back to the dorm. Saying good night was quick. I think I scared him away. Maybe it was the fake braid I was carrying or my face covered in black eye make-up or my dress with long sleeves that looked like a winter coat while he was dressed in madras shorts in the 90 degree weather. Whatever it was, that was the last ride I ever took in his new and blue Chevy Impala. But I did get to wear my favorite sweater dress again and again when snow was falling and all the carnivals had packed up and moved on.