Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"When A Hamburger Was Just A Hamburger"

I've had lots of fun being a contributing writer on a great website-http://boomer-living.com. I've been allowed to ramble on about beehive hairdos, dancing the jitterbug with my older brother, discuss the heart-thumping experience of receiving Valentine's when in elementary school, go on and on and on about my very first and forever favorite car-my'68 cherry red, classic Mustang with bucket seats, reminisce about my hometown's downtown at Christmas time before it was all torn down-etc.

All my articles can be found at that site as previously stated. Once there, just click on Coffee House Blog; scroll down and click on "Hodge Podge". I felt that would be a perfect title as I am not an expert on anything but do love to write and touch people in some way.

This brings me to one of my June articles entitled, "When A Hamburger Was Just a Hamburger." The idea came when sitting in line at a McDonalds, waiting to order a filet'o fish. They were busy so I sat there reading the menu board and it got me thinking. Since when did "super-size" wedge its way into the norm? What is normal about super-sizing hamburgers one on top of another-and another or overloading on fries or so much soda that surely you'd have to get to a bathroom before the giant, plastic cup was empty?

By the time I got back home the ideas were flowing. With my filet 'o fish in hand I turned the computer on and out came the words. I hope you enjoy them all meshed together-but never super-sized!


  1. Hello - I found your blog from a post on Author Central. I can definitely relate to the era, and am certain The Reindeer Keeper will be added to my library very soon. Thanks for creating such a peaceful retreat where bloggers can come and read about real things...well, simply put - life. ;-) I admire the wonderful talent you possess as a writer.

    Stay casual, live life to the fullest, and enjoy a piece of chocolate...
    ~Janet~ JLB Creatives

  2. Hi Janet,
    I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for the kind words about my blog. You certainly understand what I try to do accomplish writing about real things-and I seem to always enjoy a piece of chocolate.
    My best, Barbara